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Using Eco Fabrics

Our founder, Gina Frias, has used environmentally-friendly fabrics and materials throughout her long career in the fashion industry. Since 1993, her first brand - Axxezz - has been using natural and upcycled materials as the canvas for her designs. Now, Gina is using fabric produced from banana and pineapple fibres, harvested from trees that have reached the end of their life cycle. The same trees are then allowed to naturally regrow from the same stem and fully mature, without human interference.

We secured an exclusive menswear contract with one of the most recognisable Filipino celebrities and humanitarians, Senator Manny Pacquaio. We have the right to design an eco-friendly formal clothing line under the name 'Emmanuel by ECO2re'. This line consists purely of fabrics and materials native to the Philippines, whilst also providing local artisans in the Philippines with work.

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