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Produced in Malaysia using proven European technology by converting salt and water into ECO Sanifect; a powerful antibacterial agent that remains safe to use.

Aside from being protective, our alcohol-free, biodegradable solution has been specifically formulated to be:

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-irritant

  • Child-safe

  • Food-safe

Hypoclorous Acid (HOCl) - our active ingredient - has been proven to be over 80x stronger than Chlorine whilst being safe enough to use without gloves.


Pasta Delivery

ECO2re ECO Sanifect helps ensure our packaging is sanitised and safe for our customers. The best part is that it is food grade!

Hidilyn Diaz
Olympic Gold Medalist

What I love about ECO2re ECO Sanifect is that it is alcohol-free, non-sticky, and really convenient. I take it everywhere I go, and I feel like I’m protected whenever I use it.

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