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ECO2re by Gina Frias is committed to being a sustainable business. While it is impossible to have zero carbon footprint, we make every effort to account for our emissions and to take remedial action.

The first step to prevent and reduce our carbon footprint is to have to a carbon audit. To achieve this, ECO2re by Gina Frias annually engages with third-party data scientists and environmental analysts to provide us with a comprehensive report on all the environmental implications of our business. Empowered by this data, our internal Sustainability Committee then creates a plan to cut down on the emissions and to remedy any unavoidable environmental harm. By conducting an annual review, we are always striving to do better, knowing that more can always be done in the fight against Climate Change.

ECO2re by Gina Frias complies with all relevant green legislation and we are constantly looking out for new rules and regulations that would affect our business.

We know that words mean nothing without action so we strive to maintain the utmost transparency and honesty in our efforts to safeguard the planet. We produce an annual report, covering the results of our carbon audit, the effects of our efforts, and areas where improvement can still be made. If you have any question regarding our Sustainability Policy, kindly contact us at

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