ECO2re by Gina Frias started with a vision. A moment of realization.

From a young age, Head of Design and CEO, Gina Frias, had been incorporating environmentally friendly materials into her design but like most businesses and industries we were focused on catering to the needs of our clients. Throughout Gina’s 25+ year career as a fashion and accessory couturier, she developed a keen eye for detail, creating timeless pieces and following established fashion trends.

Fast forward to December 2019, we received a call from the Director of Oriental Fashion Week, a reputable fashion and catwalk production operating out of Paris, France. We were exclusively chosen to represent Asia at their show during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show held in the Louvre Museum, just 30 days later.

This is where we decided to step out of our comfort zone and feature Up-cycled fashion. A ‘first’ at the Louvre Museum. Our goal was simple, to create an exclusive form of design from up-cycled materials, that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique style. 
We knew we couldn’t go through this journey alone, so we partnered up with the largest clothes recycling factory in Malaysia and engaged a local academy that solely focuses on providing opportunities to the disabled and disadvantaged. With my designs and their help, hard work and dedication we managed to create something beautiful.

After a huge success at the Louvre, witnessed by various Royal Families, VIP’s and Government officials from around the world, we were invited to the UNESCO World Heritage Building where we humbly won the ‘Sustainability in Fashion Award’ in front of the whole auditorium.

Shortly after returning to Malaysia, a global pandemic started and our plans to continue our upcycled fashion were put on hold. As a business, we had to adapt to the 'new normal' by looking into other sustainable projects. It was there that we discovered our latest project, ECO Sanifect.

ECO Sanifect is an alcohol-free, eco-friendly hand sanitiser that is made from an effective natural antibacterial agent, Hypochlorous Acid. After 9 long months of research and testing, we finally received approval from the Ministry of Health and shortly after, JAKIM, the strongest HALAL authorizing body in the world.