It’s time to switch from alcohol-based care to eco-friendly sanitisers and disinfectants! ECO2re by Gina Frias introduces an environmentally motivated Halal Certified and KKM Approved solution for your sanitising and disinfecting woes. 

Absolutely safe and effective in the prevention and control of primary infection, it is also affordable and cost-saving. There is no need for skilled training, special equipment or a healthcare setting to use our ECO2re's sanitiser and disinfectant!

The active ingredient for ECO Sanifect, Hypochlorous Acid received an FDA approval in October 2002, for being a powerful disinfectant, now, HOCl is being used around the world for Hand Sanitiser. Our Biodegradable solution has been carefully formulated to be non-toxic, non-irritant, food-safe and child safe.

Let's do our part in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. 

Brightway Clinic, Cyberjaya

Kiraku Restaurant, Malaysia

Brightway Clinic, Cyberjaya

Master reseller

Axezorize (M) Sdn Bhd 

Semenyih ECO Venture Resort & Recreation Sdn Bhd

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