ECO2re by Gina Frias originated as a sustainable fashion brand operating from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our first major event was showcasing our up-cycled couture collection at the Louvre Museum during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in January 2020. 

Our entire collection was made from condemned materials that had been discarded and thrown away locally in Malaysia. We worked closely with an underprivileged academy in Malaysia, where we provided opportunity and work to the disabled but also to women who have gone through a number of personal issues. 

The following day ECO2re by Gina was awarded the sustainability in fashion award at the UNESCO World Heritage building in Paris which was attended by politicians, celebrities and members of the Royal Families from across the globe.

Sustainability in fashion 2020

UNESCO World heritage building, paris


As our Chief of Design, Gina Frias, is from the Philippines, a lot of environmentally friendly fabrics and materials have been present throughout her long career and have played a big role in her designs. The Philippines is renowned for using fabric produced from bananas and pineapple fibres. They are harvested from trees that have reached the end of their life cycle, that are then allowed to naturally regrow from the same stem and fully mature, without human interference.

We secured an exclusive menswear contract with one of the most recognisable Filipino celebrities and humanitarians, Senator Manny Pacquaio, in which we have the right to design an eco-friendly formal clothing line under his name 'Emmanuel by ECO2re'. This line consists purely of fabrics and materials native to the Philippines, whilst also providing local artisans in the Philippines with work.

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In terms of the bigger picture of discarded clothing worldwide, only 10% is recycled, 8% is re-used as second-hand clothing and 57% is sent to landfills. 

Teaming up with our strategic partner, we have access to over 800 tonnes of textiles per week.

This ensures that we can offer consistency in the fabric's that are selected.